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Refunds & Cashout Policy
  • Users can make a request for a Cashout (also referred to as a withdrawal) any time 24/7.
  • Cashout amounts will be net of any applicable transaction and processing costs, TDS deductions and other levies, etc.
  • A cashout request will be processed subject to deposit method restrictions, bonus restrictions and / or Security Reviews. For instance, if the User has availed of any deposit bonuses that are associated with restricted cashouts, then the LLP will first check that all such restrictions have been met, before processing any cashouts.
  • A User can only request a Cashout after completing KYC till level 3.
  • A User can have one or more bank accounts in his / her 9stacks player account, but each of them has to belong to the User. A User cannot request a cashout to any other person’s bank account. A cashout can only be made to a bank account, not to any credit card / debit card / wallet or any other payment medium.
  • When a User uploads new bank account details for the first time, 9stacks will carry out an automated or manual verification of the said details, and the User consents to the same. In addition, the User will need to submit a scan or image of a cheque leaf / front page of bank passbook / account statement clearly showing the bank account holder’s name and Account Number, and that has to match the name and bank A/C no. submitted by the User at the time of KYC verification. Verification of a new bank account will be done within 2 working hours on working days. Working days exclude all bank holidays and gazetted holidays. On all these days, bank a/c verification will be done within 18 hours.
  • Once an account is added and verified, any cashout requests received between 10 AM to 8 PM on any day will be processed within 2 hours. A small number of cashout requests might be flagged for unusual behaviour, in which case it would take up to 2 working days to process the same.
  • Cashout requests made between 8 PM and 10 AM would get processed latest by 12:00 noon next day.
  • 9stacks does not allow Users to Cashout deposited amounts without adequate game play. The decision for this rests with 9stacks. However, as a guideline, the User should earn at least 0.5% Stackup points of the amount deposited before requesting a Cashout (e.g., for a deposit of Rs 1000, at least 5 StackUp points). If this guideline is not met, a fee of 5% would be charged on the amount requested for Cashout.
  • Any promotional deposit bonus amounts are usually subject to locks which are automatically released when the specified number of StackUp points (as per the promo code) have been earned by the User. Until such locks are released, the “Cashout” button is deactivated. If any User attempts to “dump” such bonus amounts to other users, then this gets detected by our compliance team or software, and both accounts would be frozen / confiscated as per our T&C.